Control system optimization

We can help you to make your bioreactor more efficient

The best fermentation processes are those processes that behave as planned. Unstable control loops, like temperature overshooting setpoint, not reaching the desire pH value for the culture, oscillating air/oxygen supply  leads to an underperforming culture and unexpected and unreproducible results. A badly tuned system also impacts on the use of the resources like pH correction solutions and gases. A badly tuned systems puts a strain on the hardware that needs to work overtime to compensate for the wrong setup, e.g. an oxygen valve that opens and closes at high frequency due to the system instability. 

Quality, economy and confidence on a process can only be achieved by having precise control of the environment inside the bioreactors. Biomixing analyses  the performance of the client´s existing control strategy, including hardware and software automation and  proposes an improved set of parameters to achieve the desired level of control.

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