Biomixing technology can be tailored to meet our clients’ needs and provide the best solution for their processes.

Biotech & Pharma industry

As we have seen with vaccines for Covid-19, long production times can have a negative impact in our lives. Biomixing aims to reduce time-to-patient in pharmacological products such as vaccines and cancer treatments.

Fermentation Processes

Fermentation processes can be used in a number of ways for a wide variety of food products. Biomixing goal is to improve the efficiency of these processes while decreasing their cost.

Cultured Meat

One of our core values is sustainability. In this context, we are collaborating with stakeholders of the culture meat and alternative proteins industry to develop more efficient production processes.


Biofertilizers are ecofriendly and theircontinuous usage enhances soil fertility. At Biomixing, we aim to boost the efficiency of biofertilizers production to promote their usage over the chemical ones.

Cosmetic Industry

There is a sky-high demands of innovative beauty products in the market. Biomixing technology can help reducing time-to-market and costs.


EU’s objective is to achieve a circular economy by 2050. Biofuels, like biogas, produced from anaerobic digestion from municipal bio-waste (such as bioplastics) are key to achieve this objective. Biomixing technology can optimize the efficiency of these processes.

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