About us


BioMixing was born as a spin off from the University of Seville with the objective to develop and commercialise highly efficient bioreactors in the biotech and pharma industries.

The team has more than 20 years of previous experience on fluid mechanics and on the design of industrial equipment in other industries with our own Intellectual Property. Innovation is the focus of all BioMixing activities.

Advisory board

We have a team of experts in fluid mechanics, bioprocesses and business that provides us support.

Andrea Pomerantz

MIT IDEA2 Faculty.

Strategy advisor

Pascual Riesco

Expert in Fluid Dynamics and Intellectual Property. He worked as a Substantive examiner at the European Patent Office.

Lourdes Nuñez-Müller

Director of Knowledge Transfer, Internationalization and Entrepreneurship at PTS Granada and Co-Founder at WA4STEAM.

Todd Snowden

CEO of Ascent Business Advisors.

Business advisor

Francisco Martín Molina

Project manager at Genyo and chief scientific officer at Lentistem.

Scientific advisor

Manuel Ibañez

Consultant at Austral Venture.

Business advisor